Andri Georgiadou was born in Limassol, Cyprus. She is an Assistant Professor at the Nottingham University Business School and the Director of Equality Inclusion Diversity (EQUIDY) Center. Andri is the recipient of the 2019 Women in the Academy of International Business Emerging Scholar Award; the 2018 Fulbright Visiting Scholar Award; the 2016 European Management Review Best Reviewer Award, and the 2014 Graduate Scholar Award for Diversity in Organizations, Communities & Nations. She has authored and/or co-authored a plethora of scientific papers published in prestigious international journals such as Gender Work & Organization, European Management Review, Tourism Management, etc., and is also a reviewer in many international scientific journals and conferences.

Andri is the Elected Representative-at-Large of the Management Education and Development Division of the Academy of Management (AOM), the Deputy Chair and Vice Chair Events for Academy of International Business (AIB) Western Europe chapter. She has been invited as a Keynote Speaker at international conferences and workshops organized at renowned universities including the University of Southern California, the Rutgers University of New Jersey, and international business networks such as the Institute of Leadership & Management and the European Women’s Management Development International Network. She served as the chairwoman/member of many organizational/ scientific committees at various international conferences.

In addition to her academic career, she has a professional background in business and organizations, having worked as a staff member in multinational corporations such as HSBC and as a consultant and mentor at the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. Andri specializes in Human Resources Management, leadership and team development, and managing corporate culture. Her research focuses on equality, diversity and inclusion at work from relational and interdisciplinary perspectives. Exploring aspects of equality, diversity and inclusion, she pursues a theoretically rigorous and empirically grounded research agenda. Her research seeks to address significant problems that societies and workplaces face.