Research Summary

My research focuses on equality, diversity and inclusion at work from relational and interdisciplinary perspectives. More specifically, the long term objectives of my research are to address significant problems that societies and workplaces face by pursuing a theoretically rigorous and empirically grounded research agenda.

Research Interests

  • Equality, Diversity, Inclusion
  • Embodiment and Identity
  • Global diversity management
  • Gender and work/career
  • Institutional influences on organizations and employees
  • International perspectives on equality, diversity, inclusion at work
  • Social change
  • Social networks
  • Human resource management (HRM)
  • Cross-cultural management


I am an Affiliated Researcher to the Microsoft Computer Games and Emerging Technologies Lab (GET Lab) at Cyprus University of Technology.

Applied research carried out by the lab includes Immersion, Presence and Embodiment in Virtual Environments using emerging technologies, Virtual & Augmented Reality for well being especially by combining neuroscience and cognitive psychology concepts and Serious Games for educational and training purposes.