Research Projects


Georgiadou, A. (Principal Investigator), Grant, ‘Context matters: an international comparative study to understand EDI interventions in MNCs’, European Academy of Management (EURAM) Grant. Total awarded: €2,375.00. (date funding award: 2022).

Georgiadou, A. (Principal Investigator), Grant, “iWFH – Inclusion when Working From Home”, STEMM-CHANGE Feasibility Study fund. Total awarded: £4,750.00. (date funding awarded: 2020, funded: June 2020 – May 2023).

Georgiadou, A. (Researcher/ Expert on gender equality), Tsaltas, D. (Principal Investigator), Grant, “Gender-SMART – Science Management of Agriculture & Life Sciences, including Research and Teaching”, Horizon 2020. Total awarded: €3,000,000.00. (date funding awarded: 2019).

Georgiadou, A. (Principal Investigator), Grant, “WIBUS – Empowering Cyprus Women and Girls in Business and Entrepreneurship”, Stelios Philanthropic Foundation. Total awarded: €10,000.00. (date funding awarded: 2019, funded: January 2020 – December 2020).

Georgiadou, A. (Principal Investigator), Grant, “Mind the gap: Top management and effective diversity management”, Fulbright. Total awarded: €20,000.00. (date funding awarded: 2018, funded: September 2018 – December 2018).

Georgiadou, A. (Core Faculty), Grant, “ERASMUS+ travel grant,” ERASMUS, European Commission (government). Total awarded: €1,500.00. (date funding awarded: January 2015, funded: October 2015).