Teaching Experience

University of Nottingham – 110 students

      BUSI3156/N13101 Managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, 1 course

      BUSI2173 Human Resource Management with International Perspectives, 1 course

      BUSI4475 Strategic Human Resource Management, 1 course

European University Cyprus – 25 students

      BUS205 Organizational Behavior (online), 2 courses

      BUS401 Business Policy and Strategic Management (online), 2 courses

      EDG658 Human Resource Management in Education (online), 2 courses

      MGT101 Principles of Management (online), 2 courses

      MG645 MBA Human Resource Management (online), 2 courses

Cyprus University of Technology – 35 students

      MGT220 Entrepreneurship, 3 courses

University of Central Lancashire – 30 students

      EH4010 Reflective Professional (online), 1 course

      EH4116 Leading People and Teams (on-campus and online), 2 courses

      HR2050 Managing People and Human Resources, 2 courses

      MD4043 Leadership and Management, 2 courses

      TL3055 Management and Development, 1 course

      TL4029 Management Development, 1 course

London School of Economics and Political Science – 75 students

      MG100 Leadership and Communication in Teams, 1 course

University of Hertfordshire – 150 students

      4BUS1124 People and Organizations, 3 courses

      5BUS1054 Cross-cultural Management, 3 courses

      7BSM0201 Managing and working across cultures, 1 course

      7BSP1034 Postgraduate Research Methodology, 3 courses

London South Bank University – 25 students

     MKS-M-MSC Managing Strategy and Change, 2 courses

University of West London – 25 students

     HR 50004E Human Resource Management in Context, 1 course