Latest publication: European Management Review


We have just published a new editorial paper on securing social and human rights and diversity gains at work in times of austerity at the European Management Review.

This editorial illuminates the evidence of how human and social rights and diversity gains at work are under attack in the aftermath of the global economic crisis and in times of austerity. We provide a brief overview of the six articles in this issue, which draw upon a wide range of theories and engage with different, but in many ways connected, issues pertinent to human and social right, diversity and equality in the light of the economic crisis and austerity. The editorial concludes discussing a number of dilemmas and problematic issues that remain despite the increased scholarly attention to the threat to human and social rights and diversity gains at work in current times. Lastly, we offer recommendations to how diversity advocates can develop new approaches and strategies in order to resist the current threat to the diversity agenda internationally.