EURAM 2019 Call for papers


Call for papers

Strategic Interest Group 1: Business for Society (B4S)

S01 – Social Inclusion, Migration and Employment


Andri Georgiadou, Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus,  (Corresponding proponent)

Maria Beamond, RMIT University Melbourne, Australia,

Short description:

European countries face challenges in delivering sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Demographic developments related to child birth, death, and migration underpin the dynamics of Europe’s population and the challenges Member States face. The global value chains of most companies are consequently generating diverse and multiple interactions between individuals and organizations. Beyond this, the question of effective employment policy at the macro-level arises, and what tools can allow policymakers to engage with evidence-based decision-making. We also explore at the workplace level how the process of restructuring is affecting different groups of workers and how a focus on employee health and well-being can have a larger effect on organizational performance.

In light of these developments, this symposium welcomes papers that explore:

  • how workforce and skills develop to match demand for labor;
  • how employment policies secure labor market participation;
  • how social policies protect the most vulnerable and enable their contribution to society; and
  • how population dynamics and migration interact shaping labor supply and demand.

We welcome comparative papers as well as single country cases, theoretical and empirical papers, which suggest forms of response to how to raise the employment of those groups most affected in particular; and how to maintain healthy and productive workplaces at a time of austerity.

Publishing Outlets:  

Possibly linked with a Special Issue in Cross Cultural and Strategic Management Journal.

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Contact the proponents above mentioned.

EURAM 2019 Conference Dates

Conference: 26-28 June 2019

Deadline for Paper Submission: 15 January 2019 (2 pm Belgian time)

Notification of Acceptance: 20 March 2019

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 18 April 2019

Authors Registration Deadline: 25 April 2019