Latest book chapter: Migrants in the workplace- the case of Cyprus

In this chapter, we investigate race discrimination and race equality policies in the workplace at two interrelated levels of analysis in Cyprus. At the macro-national level, the effectiveness and implications of the present legal system is evaluated, and the chapter discusses whether it brought about the desirable results of safeguarding a fairer and efficient legal system, eliminating any kind of discrimination at the European Union (EU) level. At the meso-organisational level, the chapter refers to the results of research presenting a number of organisational policies and practices that safeguard or hinder the inclusion of migrants at the workplace.


Georgiadou, A. (2019) Migrants in the workplace: the case of Cyprus. Chapter in Vassilopoulou, Brabet, J. and Showunmi, V. (Eds.), Race discrimination and the management of ethnic diversity and migration at work: European countries’ perspectives, UK: Emerald.