Students’ testimonials

“It was my honor to be taught by Dr. Georgiadou during my university years. She has taught me to always fight for my rights, as well as standing up for the worldwide equality. I have become more open to all kinds of human rights thanks to her. She was a positive role model for my academic experience, and she motivated me in order to always try over and over again until I achieve my goals in life.”

N (Cyprus University of Technology)

“I really enjoyed having  Dr. Georgiadou sit in our class when going over the class exercise. I think she had some great points in regards to best practices in HR and what to do in the scenarios. She seemed to really understand the content and it was great to hear another professor’s comments! She is a great speaker.” 

S (Clarion University Pennsylvania)

“I thought it was great to have Dr. Georgiadou come and give us her input I feel like it made for great conversation in class. Not to mention it was also nice that she was willing to do that for us rather then what she had planned for us which showed me personally how you have to be flexible. I feel like she had a lot of great comments, questions, and lessons for us.”                                                             

P (Clarion University Pennsylvania)

“I agree with the two of you!  The same energy and passion that you guys saw was what I enjoyed about her too!  She is one of those women who commands a room when she enters it. She is definitely someone who is going to make moves in the business world! Furthermore, I got to see her presentation later that day as well.  She presented the research her and Olivas did and went through their findings, talked about the books they made and what they would like to look into next.  It was very thought provoking.  Almost all the professors from the business department were in attendance so it was very cool to see them debate and ask questions. I hope she comes back and lectures again next year!”

R (Clarion University Pennsylvania)

“I really enjoyed the discussions and the guest speaker we had in class on Wednesday. I believe we brought some clarity into situations with sexual harassment that aren’t always so black and white. Also, I think the guest speaker was awesome, and she gave us a different view on these issues that we might not be familiar with. I wish we could have gotten to listen to her original presentation she prepared”.

E (Clarion University of Pennsylvania)

“I am fully on board with how amazing our guest speaker was! She was so passionate about what she was talking about and it truly made me even more interested in what she was trying to explain to us. I learned a lot from her when she made her comments on our questions and scenarios we were going over. Honestly, I wish I could take all of my classes with her! With how dedicated and independent she came off, I could listen to her all day. Such an outstanding public speaker!”

A (Clarion University Pennsylvania)

“I thought the speech that Dr. Georgiadou gave in class was excellent. I had the privilege of listening to her later that day as well. One of the points I really liked that she stressed in class was to think for ourselves. She wanted us to question information that is given to us, not just to automatically believe it. Everyone is influenced by someone at one point in their life, but there comes a time when we have to think for ourselves. Some people are too dependent on others to make decisions for themselves. I am most definitely guilty of this, but I have recently become much better at independent thinking.” 

T (Clarion University of Pennsylvania)

“The speech done by Dr. Georgiadou was very interesting!  She is a very strong and independent intellectual.  She spoke on why we need diversity and why sometimes diversity is misrepresented.  I like how she questioned when a company claimed to be diverse, however, when you really investigate their workers you come to find they either went to the same university or are of the same ethnicity or age. She really questioned the people she interviewed.  I believe diversity is a very important part of growing a company.  However, I know it can be challenging to take the step outside of your comfort zone and work with people from different backgrounds or people who have different beliefs than you.  It is much more comfortable to be told that someone likes all your ideas rather than someone questioning them or bringing up different ideas. I hope to see her and Olivas’ research grow and make a difference in the world.  This has broadened my understanding of diversity and I will use it in the future without a doubt.”

R (Clarion University of Pennsylvania)

“Although I did not get the chance to go and listen to her later on in the day (even though I truly wanted to), I learned a lot from her even within that one class period that she visited us for. She is so confident and independent which truly caught my attention. With how passionate she is in the concept of diversity, it truly made me happy to hear her points she had to make about gender diversity. For example, she was not only talking about females and lifting up females as if we are the “victim”, but she talked about men and pushed the men up as well, too. I feel as if men are put down way too much now-a-days and I gained a whole bunch of respect towards her by that one simple comment she made towards equality on men and women. I absolutely loved her.”

A (Clarion University of Pennsylvania)

“The seminar on “diversity within diversity management” was phenomenal. Not only was Dr. A. Georgiadou informational but she was electric. I didn’t have the pleasure of watching her in person but online I took away so much information that will help me in my career as an HR manager….” 

I (Clarion University of Pennsylvania)

“Clear explanations and encourages us to think like we are in the exam”.

London School of Economics and Political Science

“Andri is a great teacher”.

London School of Economics and Political Science

“Generally satisfied with every aspect of this class. Very good teacher”

London School of Economics and Political Science

“Good knowledge of the material. Energetic. Friendly.”

London South Bank University

“Well prepared. Great support to the students”

London South Bank University